Studio LH, LLC is a full-service architectural and interior design firm based in Los Angeles. The firm delivers modern and minimal spaces, with design solutions that are thoughtful, functional and creative. Studio LH offers services for residential and commercial projects that involve new construction or remodeling.

LARA HOWENSTINE | Owner + Architectural Designer

Lara’s designs gravitate toward the tasteful and refined, incorporating raw materials such as wood, concrete, metal and glass. She believes in having a client-centric approach to doing business - listening to her clients' needs, understanding what they want and embracing their creative visions.   

An early exposure to the world of design has made it second nature to Lara. A childhood spent in a home filled with artifacts of inspiring design cultivated Lara’s appreciation for beauty, function and craftsmanship. Lara’s “less-is-more” design aesthetic was inspired by the pioneering masters of modernist architecture. Over the years, Lara became drawn to the modernist pieces in her home, appreciating their refined details and minimalist forms. Being surrounded by innovative, well-executed and timeless creations has fueled Lara’s desire to create purposeful, essential and pure designs.

Lara holds a Master of Interior Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. In graduate school, she interned at HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates, where she worked on large-scale worldwide hospitality projects. 

Photo by Tim Navis